Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journey of Happiness...!!! Firefox OS App Days | Thought Works | Bangalore

hough you travel a lot and explore lot but only few remains epic.
One of such for me is +Mozilla Firefox OS App Days.
Event provided with luxurious stay and travel for "Mozilla Reps" and more than that a awesome event through out the day. This hackathon is so special because it was a huge response from the developers community who attended in large numbers and participated and built some amazing quality apps for +FirefoxOS Mozilla .

Indeed event made us to meet other Reps of Mozilla across India and we shared our thoughts and experiences each other and it was a big community.

It was fun,
It was thrilling,
It was exciting,
It was awesome to be part of the event.

Personally after ages we ( +Chetan Anand , +sai kiran , +Srikar Ananthula (Me) , +srikanth namu ) ganged up a team  and we worked on to build an app and named it as "Learn | Fun | Play" ,app specially targeted for Kids.

About the app "Learn | Fun | Play" :

  • A digital slate which was inspired from the concept of Save paper and built a eco friendly kid's app.
It was a embarrassing for us but we worked with joy and lots of fun from morning to evening and at last reached the race line.

Our team won a Firefox Developer Phone ..:)

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