Sunday, September 8, 2013

MozKarminagar V2.o ( Revamp the Future)- Event of Life of Time Memory

Its Exactly a year and half ago we started Mozilla Club Karimnagar with help +Namu Srikanth(REMO) and we have done a great event Forza where around of 500+ students attended the event and best part of that was Vineel Reddy Inaugurated the club and addressed the gathering,Personally that was huge achievement for my team (Srikar,Srikanth,Raghu and Me) and it was been huge journey after that and we thought get back to place we started up and done hours of brainstorming together and came up with "MOZKARIMNAGAR V2.0"

    Our Target audience is students and this time we thought to get into more technical and hands on stuff so we decided to make our agenda with some great technical stuff to learn and came up with following sessions.

1. Mozilla and Mission
5.X-ray Goggles
6.Web Fwd
9.Firefox Os App Dev
10. SUMO

   So,our team is damn excited because we are back after a year to the same college and waiting for that awesome day .. and the day it comes 2nd sept @Vaageshwari College of Engineering the same hospitality which we love always and the crew over there was too good with Mozkarimnagar event tees,300+ attendees .

Where  :  Vaageshwari College Of Engineering,Karimnagar
When : 2nd sept 2013
No. of attendes : 300 +

Me along with my awesome team (Raghuram,Srikar,Srikanth,Jayanth) are geared up with another big challenge . The energy coming all around the auditorium made us more enthusiast . Me and Srikanth Introduced the agenda and whats all about the program and about Mozilla. Soon after Raghuram charged students with his amazing and thundering session of HTML5 where students gone crazy and loved it.kara

Session Went like this

1.Mozilla Introduction - Sai Kiran & Srikanth
3.FirefoxOSapp Dev- Srikar,Srikanth,Sai Kiran
4.Webmaker ,SUMO,Womoz-Jayanth,Raghuram

Post Lunch we decided &  make them to sit in labs for Hands on  2 labs was filled with students and 1 lab carried on with Firfox os apps dev from Me,Srikanth and Srikar and the other lab carried with Webmaker tools and SUMO by Raghuram and Jayanth and Viceversa .

The Event continued with same energy till 7pm in the evening and students are seriously building apps for Firefoxos and making some cool webmakes on webmaker. They loved it whole the stuff . Personally as speaker / mentor  to the event we loved and enjoyed throughout the event which gave us life time experience felt like a event which we are dreaming about from  ages.

The Crew and we celebrated success of the event by cutting the cake and we got a great feedback from participates and they are asking us to repeat same in their colleges and the principal of the college is damn excited and happy for the event and he is ready to sponsor and organize 24hrs Firefoxos Hackathaon in the college. What do you expect more when you are getting these kind of feedback which made us very very happy at the end of the day.

Soon, after 7pm we charged with happines but Hunger says take some food :) we had great dinner at a Dhaba finally discussing the things and planned the agenda and made roadmap for development of activities from all the clubs especially Mozilla clubs Warangal,Karimangar,Hyderabad.

Personally One thing I added more awesomeness to the event with my CAM - all pictures of the event came from My Fotography which always  I love to do. Just as simple as it is "The Passion"

Metrics : 

No of students.: 300+
No of Apps expected to be in Market place : 2-3
No of Thimble hacks : - 8-10
Tweets : #mozknr 

Outreach :
News papers covered
2.      Eenadu –

I want to disclose some Highlights of the event which made us Happy end of the Day

1. A Big event without Budget and Swag request (event attendees 300+ covering all the technologies including Handson of Firefoxos app development)

2. Tweets - Tweets- Tweets : Tweets all around flowing from the students,speakers and people, the hashtag made some amazing records of more than 200+ tweets in a day with #Mozknr which beating the all time records of #firefoxosappdasyIN

3. I guess some 8-10 cool web makes & 2-3 firefoxos apps from the students

4. We came to know that fact when all students accessing Etherpad and its down saying it cant't allow  more than 64 people at a time.

5. 50+ students applied for Firefox student ambassador program and they want to see themselves like us.

6. Im sure after this event we get a great group of volunteers from in and around karimnagar ,Warangal,Hyderabad.

7. Thank for the event for a awesome memory where when I was student I use to get lot of certificates with many authorized signatures for the 1st time I signed as a authorized person on the certificates which distributed  to students.

I want to thank all the Volunteers/Crew for their amazing support, Faculty crew, College Management for their fabulous support,all the participants for their patience and my team(Srikar,Raghu,Jay) who did a brilliant job on the field especially Namu Srikanth - Thank you without you it wouldn't have been possible.Thanks to Mozilla who gave us a opportunity to showcase our passion and leads from Mozilla India for their time to time support.

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