Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mozilla Representation at Smart City Hackathon at BVRIT College for Women in Hyderabad

Yay Mozillians

         I got a chance to represent Mozilla at Smart City Hackathon conducted by Hackmania at Bvrit Women's College in Hyderabad. There are around 60 passionate participants . I decided to make it m more open Session , I Started to share few insights of my journey of Mozilla , I helped them to understand to build better hacks and get better Ideas to students.
        Later I got a chance to Share about Mozilla and its mission , Open Source,  Mozilla projects , products, Programs . As there are lot of technology Enthusiasts at the event, I spent time to speak about MDN, Firefox OS Apps and Web Maker tools.

      I also took my time to speak about FSA program and soon we see lots of  FSA's Coming from same college. Pretty Soon with fellow folks and Mozillains from Hyd We gonna plan a Maker Part Fest at the college.

    I want to thank @AkshayTiwari for Opportunity and Hackmania Team for getting me to my favorite college.  Also I would like to thank Vasantha Mam HOD CSE BVRIT Women's for kind support.


Back with My Blogposts


Its been a year and half Since I wrote blogs for my activities of Mozilla , I decided to go with that again, I feel its most priority thing, Though I was active on Twitter @imasaikiran now I feel I have to be back on my blog.

2014 is like very hectic for me personally due to my roles and responsibilities have been increased in my job and I got to be there in part of many events but nothing on paper..

2014 I was part of many cool events in warangal and Hyderabad. I was been part of Mozilla at IGR Hyderabad , Mozcoffee's , Club launches, Firefox Os parties , Firefox Os Bus, 10 years of  Firefox Celebrations.

So there end 2014 for me which was very hard to spend some quality time but managed to that few events.

Welcoming 2015 which was awesome for me, As I quit my job and started my own startup "Awesome Labs" been working from Collab House, Yay been at Collab House in Hyd nothing makes more happy. So, Got opportunity to be there at many of Mozilla events happened in 2015.

In 2015 I got a chance to speak about Mozilla and My Mozilla Journey , Maker tools at Trk Engineering College at Hyd, MozDeccan, Impact of Planning By Geroge Roter, Rust Programming Language,MOz Coffee's.

One Big Event in 2015 I was thoroughly enjoyed is Firefox Spring Campaign. FoxYeah.!!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Mozilla Community Building Meetup 2013.

Yo Folks..!! Back with my last post of 2013. I take privilege to Thank all the Mozillains, FSA's ,REMO's and fans of Mozilla for Contributing and Supporting our Vision and Mission throughout the year.

   I was been a Student rep, REMO , a Happy Mentor and Mozillian at Mozilla Club Warangal from past 3 n half years contributing some or the other way . Personally I'm very happy to see for the community achievements and it gives me immense pleasure when whole India is saying MCW is one of the best community in India.Taking this as a Compliment and we decided to prepare road map for 2014.

Before I go ahead I want to give a Highlights and Milestones of 2013 for MCW and for me .

* MCW:

-> Conducted 4 Big events which includes Moz Tarang and Nitw App days in 2013
-> Got many new contributors and FSA's on board
-> 7 people from Community attended Mozilla Summit at SantaClara,CA,United States.
-> Many Webmaker events which got recognized at Mozsummit.
-> 2100+ outreach at Facebook MCW group.


-> As a Mentor and Mozillian Attended many meetups at Warangal,Hyderabad,karimnagar.
-> Been in winning team for best app at firefoxosappdays Bangalore.
-> Been part of getting firefoxosAppdays at NITW.
-> Speaker at firefoxappdays at Karimnagar.
->Attended Mozilla Summit at United States of America.
->Contributing Mozilla in  Marketing,Logistics  for the community.

So, As we are moving to the new year,we decided to have a community meet  to put up a action ,roadmap for 2014 for MCW.As part of that we had meet on 28th Dec 2013 Saturday at Bits and Bytes Computer Institute( Thanks +Hemanth for the Venue).


1. Sai Kiran .A
2. Sudeesh
3. Hema Bhanu
4. Ajay Jogwath
10.Dilip kumar

We sat together and discussed the roadmap and To Do things in 2014 than soon we sorted out the problems which we facing and recognizing the mistakes,problems. We had Brainstorm hour where everyone quoted the problems which we are facing when we go to the sessions and we took on note .

The Problems like

1. Outreach
2.Social Media
3.How to Get Started
4. Achievements and Carreer Guidence.
6.Retaining Contributors etc.

So after that we are sorting each and every point and had a Ideation hour to solve those problems ,Where everyone came up with some fantastic ideas to overcome our problems.Finally it concluded with many ideas.
Then we Started to put up a Action or Roadmap for 2014 and we setup the targets and divided all contributors to some teams. These teams gonna generate the productivity in terms of getting new volunteers on board and to solve problems of the newbies depending of the interests of the contributors we made a specialization teams so that they can mentor the newbeies,can gu
ide new people and it even becomes easy for the students to get into contact with these members.We made a teams for localization,Add-on development,reporting bugs,marketing,designing,publicity, outreach program,event managing,app development etc. We are focusing and each and every part of contribution to Mozilla .

We Gonna come and hit with 4 big events in 2014 calender. One among them we are planning a very huge event in feb targeting metrics of 1200+ people in single roof for getting new contributors and we have designed a Campus Outreach Program. This Program gets 3000+Contributors to MCW in a Year. We made specialist team where they gonna visit min 1 campus and max 2 campus for a month and spread the word Mozilla . Feels Exciting right..?? Lots of Suprises yet to come.!!  MCW gonna kickoff with big events this time. Yay.>!! We are Damn Excited even..!! Event Dates will be kept at wiki asap.Stay tuned.!!

Very Important thing we planned to find,train and utilize the FSA's near by Warangal  and We are planning many more things to Retain and Maintain the Consistency of the Contributors.

This is the 1st meet from 3n half years which gone for 4hours without being tired or lazy everyone is very interactive at sharing the thoughts. That was a fruitful meetup ever had, for the 1st time we kept everything on paper and board and I believe these resolutions gonna happen and My vision gonna come true.We have lots of things to coming up for the Community leaders and fellow Mozllians also .We request you to join your hands and make our community more stronger even.

We are planning for a "Make a Cut " a 1 Min video make for all Mozillians and REMO"s on theme of  "What do I get if I join Mozilla's Mission " Where we can showcase these videos at our Campus Outreach Program throughout the calender.Our online Events and Social media outreach gonna kickstart soon..!! Teams working on it and couple of more meets a head to startup with outreach program . We also planning to have a localized CMS for MCW and FirefoxAPP Rockstars team who can teach "How to build apps on Firefoxos "

This is just a 1st step for our miles of Journey and My only target for this year make community recognizable at world stage.

Thanks alot for attending this session and Special Thanks to @Sudeesh for Meet Groundwork and @Hemanth for Venue . Last But not  the least a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014 to all.

S@I K!r@N..!! :)

Friday, October 11, 2013

#MozSummit A Life time Event>>!!! Warangal to SantaClara >>!!


            6 years of Dream , 6 Month of wait, 24hrs of Journey and we reached Capital of Software Sanfrancisco . It was still like dream to me and my friend +Raghu slapping each other to confirm its not a dream the excitement coming from heart is undefined. As Soon as we cleared port of entry we are received by the summit crew at Sanfrancisco International airport. Everyone is busy in Checkin on foursquare and moved  to shuttles . As soon as we ca,e out of the airport we are cherished with cool breezing air and got into the bus. we started our journey to Santa Clara all the way the bus is moving through the beautiful silicon valley and everyone enjoyed clicking pictures of big software companies and that moment really  realized that we are at United States Of America .As Soon as we reached magnificent Marriott done with the registrations and we reached our Hifi rooms and had a nap.

     Soon Evening attended the  India Community Meet and followed by welcome reception where met many mozillains,Ft's of Mozilla and other open source Contributors. Meeting many individuals , Met people like Christian Helliman,Ken,Dino,Sean, List goes on.. Im failed to remember many of names . Im personally busy in clicking the pictures of the party.I was looking to the people there interaction,commitment, it was like inspiring me ,  For a moment gave thought on it and felt  nothing can be much better than this stage for Networking.

   Event Day 1 : Its Yellow Tee  from the welcome kit, With Same the  Enthusiasm and Excitement carried from 6months and finally I have seen my 1st  big stage keynote in live  with geeks and fellow mozillians. It was amazing talk by Mitchell Baker and Other Staff after the keynote and quick lunch it was World Fair. Countries representing their cultures and traditions and the way they are promoting Mozilla. Im proud to be part of Sean Bolton's World Fair Photo Shoot Team ,I went to each and every country booth and spent some time understanding the stuff and clicking the pictures.Soon after that I was been into some couple of talks like Marketing session from Sakina Groth (Marketing values from T-shirt to Social Media) and Privacy and Security sessions by couple of employees by Mozilla where I was been a volunteer (Site Host) at the sessions. our first day came to end with closing keynote and followed by Party Dinner.

  Event Day 2:  After a Great nap attended day 2 morning keynote later carried by the World Fair and the Breakout sessions then the Party Dinner. Day more comfortable with meeting friends around talking to each other sharing views etc.

  Event Day 3:  It was not digestible fact that it was last day of the event and last day of the memorable summit ,Don't may the this made us more Exciting to enjoy to core on last day , key note ,Lunch ,Networking ,pictures ,Closing party and its sendoff to the Summit,

Social Events : I need to speak about this ,I don't know the Ideation behind this but it was fantastic platform to meet new people,comfort ourselves ,relaxation, networking are part of it. I need to talk about few events aswell.

Photo Walk:   People crazy about pictures but when it comes to Photo walk across Silicon Valley nothing can be much better fight for as many pix as possible. Early morning witnessed the beauty of Silicon Valley and folks from different countries participated and everyone shouting ans screaming Hureey and Pix went on .>!!!

Pool Party : I must say this is out of schedule though im lucky to participate in this along with Srikar which was organized by Dino Anderson . The intention of the party is all about enlightening the values,positives , cultures and traditions .There 5-6 people joined us we discussed " How values are very important in corporate Life" the best part of the pool party is we have did this  pool in the Marriott.

Great America: No words to Say .. It was Fun,Scary,exciting,enthusiasm, eagerness, exhilaration, anticipation, enjoyment, pleasure, delight, interest, elation, ecstasy, joy, euphoria, jubilation, exultation, rapture, glee, bliss, happiness, cheerfulness, merriment, jollity, gaiety . Hahaha I can't find more than this Synonyms for Excitement..!!!  Seriously its boon or a gift pass from the mozilla for us to chill out evening. Fantastic roller coasters  ,Scary House and Scary Movie at Great America Theater. We had great and Great fun till late night on second day.

Bicycle Ride : Wow ,we came to know that there complimentary Bicycles ride for hour in Marriott, Ofcourse it was not in the official list but we took it & was like one of best moment for me and personally it was 6 years after I went for a Bicycle ride and the fact is its on American roads. Simply enjoyed the moment to the core.

Mozilla HQ Visit : Its another Surprise and very few people got a chance to visit Mozilla HQ at Mountain View ,CA. We were took into shuttle and as soon as entered to Mozilla HQ a employee(Forgot Name)

showed us the master piece of the office and Best part is I got a Idea to stick a message at Mitchell Desk and everyone followed me :) moved in and around office space and had lot of pix even. After a hour we started back to the Hotel.

          On the way it was one more surprise they took us to GOOGLE HQ even we were jumping on the road and took snaps again . Out of Excrement few ran to Google store near by. After 15 min back to pavilion (Hotel).

Site Host : Thanks to Benjamin for a wonderful opportunity for helping in out the things in Site Host. It was amazing Volunteering at the Summit helping the fellow Moizllians and helping the speakers to get the things done. Learned a lot in a short span.

Firefox Costume: Before the Summit the a mail pop out asking to schedule Firefox Costume . I thought its beautiful opportunity and booked the last slot of summit but unfortunately it has been cancelled. I missed though I always say myself lots of summit's ahead.

Sean's Photography Team: Last but the not the lease , and the 1st thing I signed to involve in Sean's Photography team or covering world innovation fairs.As per the plan I covered the pictures of world innovation fairs.I met him at the summit he was very down to earth person I can say.  I need to thank him for such a great opportunity.

Vote of Thanks : It will be meaning less if I wont thank the people behind my wonderful experience,List goes on but need to mention few for sure. Thanks Vineel,#SSSR,People behind #Mozsummit and Thanks Mozilla for everything.

 I cam't end up my experience with these short lines may be few more updations later on.. But I can say finally Love You Mozilla <3 <3 <3 .. 3 Cheers.. !!!

Wait begins for Next Summit>>!!!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

6 Days to Go for 6 Years of DREAM>>!!!

             Looking back to 2006-2007 Boom of Software and People having passion in going USA ,the success stories of them very inspired and motivated me alot at that age. Getting into the Graduation  Days love and passion on the computers,Entrepreneurship rapidly increased and especially stories of Silicon Valley made a great impact on me to dream and think about my masters at US and aso the impact of  Entertainment, Hahha Yeah Its true a Movie impacted me alot in dreamimg of USA, Movie Entitled "Surya S/o Krishnan" which is all time favorite of mine  Directed by Gautam Vasudeva Menon  beautifully picturized the screenplay of a romantic scene at "San Fransicso bridge" and where Hero goes US in pursue of his love. The story really touched my heart and these are the different occasions I dream of visiting US.

 Finally in March Got to listen about Summit with help of +Srikar Ananthula(REMO) I have Applied for it  and I don't have any hopes,  even all of a sudden morning in  May  Got a call when I was in deep sleep after  I woke up I can see atleast of 30 + miss calls from Srikar,Srikanth and Raghuram when I called back cherished withe the news "Got Selected for Summit" it was like ages of dream came true . After months gap in Sept I got My VISA approved .Here come The last exciting 6 days for Mozilla Summit no words to say damn excited to go to US, CA, especially dream of visiting silicon valley came true in this way thanks to Mozilla and my CO's Srikar,Srikanth,Raghu and Vineel especially. 6 days to go for  a life time event. A great  journey and great memories and fellow Mozillians are waiting for me.. 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

MozKarminagar V2.o ( Revamp the Future)- Event of Life of Time Memory

Its Exactly a year and half ago we started Mozilla Club Karimnagar with help +Namu Srikanth(REMO) and we have done a great event Forza where around of 500+ students attended the event and best part of that was Vineel Reddy Inaugurated the club and addressed the gathering,Personally that was huge achievement for my team (Srikar,Srikanth,Raghu and Me) and it was been huge journey after that and we thought get back to place we started up and done hours of brainstorming together and came up with "MOZKARIMNAGAR V2.0"

    Our Target audience is students and this time we thought to get into more technical and hands on stuff so we decided to make our agenda with some great technical stuff to learn and came up with following sessions.

1. Mozilla and Mission
5.X-ray Goggles
6.Web Fwd
9.Firefox Os App Dev
10. SUMO

   So,our team is damn excited because we are back after a year to the same college and waiting for that awesome day .. and the day it comes 2nd sept @Vaageshwari College of Engineering the same hospitality which we love always and the crew over there was too good with Mozkarimnagar event tees,300+ attendees .

Where  :  Vaageshwari College Of Engineering,Karimnagar
When : 2nd sept 2013
No. of attendes : 300 +

Me along with my awesome team (Raghuram,Srikar,Srikanth,Jayanth) are geared up with another big challenge . The energy coming all around the auditorium made us more enthusiast . Me and Srikanth Introduced the agenda and whats all about the program and about Mozilla. Soon after Raghuram charged students with his amazing and thundering session of HTML5 where students gone crazy and loved it.kara

Session Went like this

1.Mozilla Introduction - Sai Kiran & Srikanth
3.FirefoxOSapp Dev- Srikar,Srikanth,Sai Kiran
4.Webmaker ,SUMO,Womoz-Jayanth,Raghuram

Post Lunch we decided &  make them to sit in labs for Hands on  2 labs was filled with students and 1 lab carried on with Firfox os apps dev from Me,Srikanth and Srikar and the other lab carried with Webmaker tools and SUMO by Raghuram and Jayanth and Viceversa .

The Event continued with same energy till 7pm in the evening and students are seriously building apps for Firefoxos and making some cool webmakes on webmaker. They loved it whole the stuff . Personally as speaker / mentor  to the event we loved and enjoyed throughout the event which gave us life time experience felt like a event which we are dreaming about from  ages.

The Crew and we celebrated success of the event by cutting the cake and we got a great feedback from participates and they are asking us to repeat same in their colleges and the principal of the college is damn excited and happy for the event and he is ready to sponsor and organize 24hrs Firefoxos Hackathaon in the college. What do you expect more when you are getting these kind of feedback which made us very very happy at the end of the day.

Soon, after 7pm we charged with happines but Hunger says take some food :) we had great dinner at a Dhaba finally discussing the things and planned the agenda and made roadmap for development of activities from all the clubs especially Mozilla clubs Warangal,Karimangar,Hyderabad.

Personally One thing I added more awesomeness to the event with my CAM - all pictures of the event came from My Fotography which always  I love to do. Just as simple as it is "The Passion"

Metrics : 

No of students.: 300+
No of Apps expected to be in Market place : 2-3
No of Thimble hacks : - 8-10
Tweets : #mozknr 

Outreach :
News papers covered
2.      Eenadu –

I want to disclose some Highlights of the event which made us Happy end of the Day

1. A Big event without Budget and Swag request (event attendees 300+ covering all the technologies including Handson of Firefoxos app development)

2. Tweets - Tweets- Tweets : Tweets all around flowing from the students,speakers and people, the hashtag made some amazing records of more than 200+ tweets in a day with #Mozknr which beating the all time records of #firefoxosappdasyIN

3. I guess some 8-10 cool web makes & 2-3 firefoxos apps from the students

4. We came to know that fact when all students accessing Etherpad and its down saying it cant't allow  more than 64 people at a time.

5. 50+ students applied for Firefox student ambassador program and they want to see themselves like us.

6. Im sure after this event we get a great group of volunteers from in and around karimnagar ,Warangal,Hyderabad.

7. Thank for the event for a awesome memory where when I was student I use to get lot of certificates with many authorized signatures for the 1st time I signed as a authorized person on the certificates which distributed  to students.

I want to thank all the Volunteers/Crew for their amazing support, Faculty crew, College Management for their fabulous support,all the participants for their patience and my team(Srikar,Raghu,Jay) who did a brilliant job on the field especially Namu Srikanth - Thank you without you it wouldn't have been possible.Thanks to Mozilla who gave us a opportunity to showcase our passion and leads from Mozilla India for their time to time support.