Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Who Iam?

NO logic . Yes Im a Human Being with passion of technology and more importantly this blog is all about my contributions to open source and to mozilla. Im Alagundula Sai Kiran , Mozillian , initiated "Mozilla Club Warangal "at my region to promote open source and Mozilla.

 I along with other REMO' s , Mozillians and Volunteers we Run Mozill Club Warangal

Mozilla Club Warangal(MCW):

    It’s a initiative by group of few Enthusiastic Mozilla fans and supporters,it is Supported by Mozilla India community.

Mission :

Raise awareness on the Mozilla mission, introduce Mozilla to educational institutions, government organizations and corporate companies, increase PR activities. Create momentum for action and strive to keep the web open.
Promote projects and ideas of Mozilla in India by organizing events, localization of products, offering free help, knowledge, resources and our vision for an open web, make everyone realize that Internet is a critical public resource.
 Expose of open source for students to make them aware of new technologies.
Make the students of city updated with world.

You can get in touch for any events and sessions in around warangal at

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