Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Connecting the Dots. Connect and Share .. Its "NETWORKING"

 At a Big thing Connecting the Dots,. "Network" , I don't know where I need to start from for this , But I still have few memories to share with you.. Its all happened  to meet very very best friends of mine thanks a million tons to Mozilla especially showed me my besties and many friends across the world. During the program till now able to meet many contributors,volunteers,Remo's many officials I bet Come join this you see the friends from the world.

  Firstly I introduced this program to Sirkar Ananthula (Man who doesn't require a Intro at Mozilla India-REMO,Web Fwd Scout) and then I got a chance to meet Srikanth Namu another REMO  at Warangal and introduced to Mozilla and we all 3 together done with our 1st big event FORZA (Inauguration of Mozilla Club at Karimnagar) which has got a huge response .

  Count goes on met many techies and friends like Raghuram, Meeraj Imran,Hema,Sudheesh,Abhimithra ,Jay Khashap,Chetan Anand,Sujith and many more across India with this Program.

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