Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Journey of Happiness...!!! Firefox OS App Days | Thought Works | Bangalore

hough you travel a lot and explore lot but only few remains epic.
One of such for me is +Mozilla Firefox OS App Days.
Event provided with luxurious stay and travel for "Mozilla Reps" and more than that a awesome event through out the day. This hackathon is so special because it was a huge response from the developers community who attended in large numbers and participated and built some amazing quality apps for +FirefoxOS Mozilla .

Indeed event made us to meet other Reps of Mozilla across India and we shared our thoughts and experiences each other and it was a big community.

It was fun,
It was thrilling,
It was exciting,
It was awesome to be part of the event.

Personally after ages we ( +Chetan Anand , +sai kiran , +Srikar Ananthula (Me) , +srikanth namu ) ganged up a team  and we worked on to build an app and named it as "Learn | Fun | Play" ,app specially targeted for Kids.

About the app "Learn | Fun | Play" :

  • A digital slate which was inspired from the concept of Save paper and built a eco friendly kid's app.
It was a embarrassing for us but we worked with joy and lots of fun from morning to evening and at last reached the race line.

Our team won a Firefox Developer Phone ..:)

Connecting the Dots. Connect and Share .. Its "NETWORKING"

 At a Big thing Connecting the Dots,. "Network" , I don't know where I need to start from for this , But I still have few memories to share with you.. Its all happened  to meet very very best friends of mine thanks a million tons to Mozilla especially showed me my besties and many friends across the world. During the program till now able to meet many contributors,volunteers,Remo's many officials I bet Come join this you see the friends from the world.

  Firstly I introduced this program to Sirkar Ananthula (Man who doesn't require a Intro at Mozilla India-REMO,Web Fwd Scout) and then I got a chance to meet Srikanth Namu another REMO  at Warangal and introduced to Mozilla and we all 3 together done with our 1st big event FORZA (Inauguration of Mozilla Club at Karimnagar) which has got a huge response .

  Count goes on met many techies and friends like Raghuram, Meeraj Imran,Hema,Sudheesh,Abhimithra ,Jay Khashap,Chetan Anand,Sujith and many more across India with this Program.

My Journey to 1st Session of Mozilla

  It's Big Journey and Big story to share with up.. A BE/ Btech student with same ambiguity , same passion to do innovate something or same passion to do some thing exceptional than other showed me path while surfing on Internet I found some thing Firefox ambassadors & REMO program , I Don't what all the program is but I thought it can give me new challenges  , new people and I thought to apply but no replay for few days after a big wait I got replay saying to be active or to contribute something before you come to REMO Program looking at that mail was little disappointing but didn't gave up and started to search Mozilla reps near by and Found a wonderful human being "Vineel Reddy Pindi" approached him that sir I want to do these things and wrote up a big mail.

Days passing on and somewhere on internet I found there's a Mozilla Event Gonna happen in Pune and I went along with my friend. Event was great but the thing was attracted me alot is "Mozilla Swag" a Id card tag and firefox Badge . Lol >>!!  Seriously,  I don't know but that motivated me alot to start up the things.

After coming back from pune a small thought process is running in my mind . Why don't  I conduct event of Firefox at my School and City . I have made my ground work and approached Vinnel and very first time I Met him a Bakery at Hyderabad and spoke with him for a hour but truly that changed my views what I had on Mozilla and open source. Its not just a similar student ambassador program more than that its a passion of learning and sharing . That was big day for me to celebrate and than went forward redesign my event at hometown.

Everything set up and I started to build my team . But a big question what they know about Mozilla. So I took a introductory session of Mozilla and its mission to My event crew at my college.

This is my 1st meet with all the best brains of the college and its my session on Mozilla and open source...

"Techzilla Crew"
- We are Workaholics

That's it I started with the 1st session at college and My plan was given up due to uncertainty and agitations went on political issues at locality. 

Who Iam?

NO logic . Yes Im a Human Being with passion of technology and more importantly this blog is all about my contributions to open source and to mozilla. Im Alagundula Sai Kiran , Mozillian , initiated "Mozilla Club Warangal "at my region to promote open source and Mozilla.

 I along with other REMO' s , Mozillians and Volunteers we Run Mozill Club Warangal

Mozilla Club Warangal(MCW):

    It’s a initiative by group of few Enthusiastic Mozilla fans and supporters,it is Supported by Mozilla India community.

Mission :

Raise awareness on the Mozilla mission, introduce Mozilla to educational institutions, government organizations and corporate companies, increase PR activities. Create momentum for action and strive to keep the web open.
Promote projects and ideas of Mozilla in India by organizing events, localization of products, offering free help, knowledge, resources and our vision for an open web, make everyone realize that Internet is a critical public resource.
 Expose of open source for students to make them aware of new technologies.
Make the students of city updated with world.

You can get in touch for any events and sessions in around warangal at