Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mozilla Representation at Smart City Hackathon at BVRIT College for Women in Hyderabad

Yay Mozillians

         I got a chance to represent Mozilla at Smart City Hackathon conducted by Hackmania at Bvrit Women's College in Hyderabad. There are around 60 passionate participants . I decided to make it m more open Session , I Started to share few insights of my journey of Mozilla , I helped them to understand to build better hacks and get better Ideas to students.
        Later I got a chance to Share about Mozilla and its mission , Open Source,  Mozilla projects , products, Programs . As there are lot of technology Enthusiasts at the event, I spent time to speak about MDN, Firefox OS Apps and Web Maker tools.

      I also took my time to speak about FSA program and soon we see lots of  FSA's Coming from same college. Pretty Soon with fellow folks and Mozillains from Hyd We gonna plan a Maker Part Fest at the college.

    I want to thank @AkshayTiwari for Opportunity and Hackmania Team for getting me to my favorite college.  Also I would like to thank Vasantha Mam HOD CSE BVRIT Women's for kind support.


Back with My Blogposts


Its been a year and half Since I wrote blogs for my activities of Mozilla , I decided to go with that again, I feel its most priority thing, Though I was active on Twitter @imasaikiran now I feel I have to be back on my blog.

2014 is like very hectic for me personally due to my roles and responsibilities have been increased in my job and I got to be there in part of many events but nothing on paper..

2014 I was part of many cool events in warangal and Hyderabad. I was been part of Mozilla at IGR Hyderabad , Mozcoffee's , Club launches, Firefox Os parties , Firefox Os Bus, 10 years of  Firefox Celebrations.

So there end 2014 for me which was very hard to spend some quality time but managed to that few events.

Welcoming 2015 which was awesome for me, As I quit my job and started my own startup "Awesome Labs" been working from Collab House, Yay been at Collab House in Hyd nothing makes more happy. So, Got opportunity to be there at many of Mozilla events happened in 2015.

In 2015 I got a chance to speak about Mozilla and My Mozilla Journey , Maker tools at Trk Engineering College at Hyd, MozDeccan, Impact of Planning By Geroge Roter, Rust Programming Language,MOz Coffee's.

One Big Event in 2015 I was thoroughly enjoyed is Firefox Spring Campaign. FoxYeah.!!