Saturday, September 28, 2013

6 Days to Go for 6 Years of DREAM>>!!!

             Looking back to 2006-2007 Boom of Software and People having passion in going USA ,the success stories of them very inspired and motivated me alot at that age. Getting into the Graduation  Days love and passion on the computers,Entrepreneurship rapidly increased and especially stories of Silicon Valley made a great impact on me to dream and think about my masters at US and aso the impact of  Entertainment, Hahha Yeah Its true a Movie impacted me alot in dreamimg of USA, Movie Entitled "Surya S/o Krishnan" which is all time favorite of mine  Directed by Gautam Vasudeva Menon  beautifully picturized the screenplay of a romantic scene at "San Fransicso bridge" and where Hero goes US in pursue of his love. The story really touched my heart and these are the different occasions I dream of visiting US.

 Finally in March Got to listen about Summit with help of +Srikar Ananthula(REMO) I have Applied for it  and I don't have any hopes,  even all of a sudden morning in  May  Got a call when I was in deep sleep after  I woke up I can see atleast of 30 + miss calls from Srikar,Srikanth and Raghuram when I called back cherished withe the news "Got Selected for Summit" it was like ages of dream came true . After months gap in Sept I got My VISA approved .Here come The last exciting 6 days for Mozilla Summit no words to say damn excited to go to US, CA, especially dream of visiting silicon valley came true in this way thanks to Mozilla and my CO's Srikar,Srikanth,Raghu and Vineel especially. 6 days to go for  a life time event. A great  journey and great memories and fellow Mozillians are waiting for me.. 

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