Monday, December 30, 2013

Mozilla Community Building Meetup 2013.

Yo Folks..!! Back with my last post of 2013. I take privilege to Thank all the Mozillains, FSA's ,REMO's and fans of Mozilla for Contributing and Supporting our Vision and Mission throughout the year.

   I was been a Student rep, REMO , a Happy Mentor and Mozillian at Mozilla Club Warangal from past 3 n half years contributing some or the other way . Personally I'm very happy to see for the community achievements and it gives me immense pleasure when whole India is saying MCW is one of the best community in India.Taking this as a Compliment and we decided to prepare road map for 2014.

Before I go ahead I want to give a Highlights and Milestones of 2013 for MCW and for me .

* MCW:

-> Conducted 4 Big events which includes Moz Tarang and Nitw App days in 2013
-> Got many new contributors and FSA's on board
-> 7 people from Community attended Mozilla Summit at SantaClara,CA,United States.
-> Many Webmaker events which got recognized at Mozsummit.
-> 2100+ outreach at Facebook MCW group.


-> As a Mentor and Mozillian Attended many meetups at Warangal,Hyderabad,karimnagar.
-> Been in winning team for best app at firefoxosappdays Bangalore.
-> Been part of getting firefoxosAppdays at NITW.
-> Speaker at firefoxappdays at Karimnagar.
->Attended Mozilla Summit at United States of America.
->Contributing Mozilla in  Marketing,Logistics  for the community.

So, As we are moving to the new year,we decided to have a community meet  to put up a action ,roadmap for 2014 for MCW.As part of that we had meet on 28th Dec 2013 Saturday at Bits and Bytes Computer Institute( Thanks +Hemanth for the Venue).


1. Sai Kiran .A
2. Sudeesh
3. Hema Bhanu
4. Ajay Jogwath
10.Dilip kumar

We sat together and discussed the roadmap and To Do things in 2014 than soon we sorted out the problems which we facing and recognizing the mistakes,problems. We had Brainstorm hour where everyone quoted the problems which we are facing when we go to the sessions and we took on note .

The Problems like

1. Outreach
2.Social Media
3.How to Get Started
4. Achievements and Carreer Guidence.
6.Retaining Contributors etc.

So after that we are sorting each and every point and had a Ideation hour to solve those problems ,Where everyone came up with some fantastic ideas to overcome our problems.Finally it concluded with many ideas.
Then we Started to put up a Action or Roadmap for 2014 and we setup the targets and divided all contributors to some teams. These teams gonna generate the productivity in terms of getting new volunteers on board and to solve problems of the newbies depending of the interests of the contributors we made a specialization teams so that they can mentor the newbeies,can gu
ide new people and it even becomes easy for the students to get into contact with these members.We made a teams for localization,Add-on development,reporting bugs,marketing,designing,publicity, outreach program,event managing,app development etc. We are focusing and each and every part of contribution to Mozilla .

We Gonna come and hit with 4 big events in 2014 calender. One among them we are planning a very huge event in feb targeting metrics of 1200+ people in single roof for getting new contributors and we have designed a Campus Outreach Program. This Program gets 3000+Contributors to MCW in a Year. We made specialist team where they gonna visit min 1 campus and max 2 campus for a month and spread the word Mozilla . Feels Exciting right..?? Lots of Suprises yet to come.!!  MCW gonna kickoff with big events this time. Yay.>!! We are Damn Excited even..!! Event Dates will be kept at wiki asap.Stay tuned.!!

Very Important thing we planned to find,train and utilize the FSA's near by Warangal  and We are planning many more things to Retain and Maintain the Consistency of the Contributors.

This is the 1st meet from 3n half years which gone for 4hours without being tired or lazy everyone is very interactive at sharing the thoughts. That was a fruitful meetup ever had, for the 1st time we kept everything on paper and board and I believe these resolutions gonna happen and My vision gonna come true.We have lots of things to coming up for the Community leaders and fellow Mozllians also .We request you to join your hands and make our community more stronger even.

We are planning for a "Make a Cut " a 1 Min video make for all Mozillians and REMO"s on theme of  "What do I get if I join Mozilla's Mission " Where we can showcase these videos at our Campus Outreach Program throughout the calender.Our online Events and Social media outreach gonna kickstart soon..!! Teams working on it and couple of more meets a head to startup with outreach program . We also planning to have a localized CMS for MCW and FirefoxAPP Rockstars team who can teach "How to build apps on Firefoxos "

This is just a 1st step for our miles of Journey and My only target for this year make community recognizable at world stage.

Thanks alot for attending this session and Special Thanks to @Sudeesh for Meet Groundwork and @Hemanth for Venue . Last But not  the least a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2014 to all.

S@I K!r@N..!! :)

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